Hi, I’m Miguel!

I am a freelance writer and tour guide with a passion for sharing ideas on travel and health. In my opinion, two essential things for a great life!

I grew up in Barcelona in a Spanish and American family, speaking both Spanish and English. Perhaps because of my mixed roots, I have always had a love for travel and exploring new cultures and places.

On my last year of college I worked as an intern for two publishing companies, Penguin Random House and a smaller publishing business in Barcelona called Arcàdia Editorial. I graduated in 2015 from Universitat Pompeu Fabra with a BA in Humanities, specializing in literature and philosophy.

I basically honed in on three skills: researching, creative thinking and writing.

After completing my degree, I decided to start working as an English tour guide. The first tours had at times embarrassing moments, but I enjoyed it and delivered every tour with a lot of enthusiasm. Soon I started receiving excellent reviews and it motivated me to keep working on my skills as a communicator.

In 2019 I launched my own businesses as a tour guide, partnering with local and international companies and giving tours on history, culture and architecture.

In addition to public speaking, my other solid skill is writing. I have been providing writing, proofreading and translating services on the side for over five years. This year I decided to launch my freelance writing business and I wish to keep growing and developing as a writer and content strategist.

As a versatile writer, I focus on lifestyle topics related to health, fitness, nutrition and travel. I care about helping people become healthier and happier, and I would like to use my writing skills to help businesses grow with engaging and compelling content. I look forward to working with you!